Free SMS Gateway

This application turns your android phone into powerful SMS gateway.

Free SMSServer  is a free and open source SMS software. A flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System and Android that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, bulk SMS, personal messaging systems, corporate , group communication tools,  authentication or confirmation codes.

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple database engine supported (using PHP, MySQL ,Android)
  • Send SMS to mobile phone
  • Send SMS broadcasted to a group of mobile phones (bulk SMS)
  • Capable of handling unlimited amount of SMS
  • SMS custom, forward incoming SMS to custom application, locally or external URL
  • SMS quiz, serve quizzes on SMS
  • SMS subscribe, manage user subscribes to a service using SMS
  • Create your own features, tools, themes and gateway modules as a plugin
  • Long SMS support, length of text is configurable
  • SMS credit system per user


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