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Minimum Required Hardware for software development

Minimum Required Software

  • Operating System Linux (install on MS Windows or BSD is possible)
  • Web Server (for example Apache2, nginx or lighttpd)
  • Database Server MySQL 5.x.x or latest stable release
  • PHP 5.x.x or latest stable release with mysql module enabled
  • Downloaded Free SMS Gateway¬†package from our website or parteners.

Minimum Required Server Administrator (or Developer)

  • Understand howto make sure installed PHP has MySQL module enabled/loaded
  • Understand howto create/drop MySQL database
  • Understand howto insert SQL statements into created database




  1. Download Free SMS Server from our website or from our parteners.
  2. Install the application on your mobile phone.
  3. Register applicaion.
  4. Create database on your server.
  5. Create tables oun your database.
  6. Modify the example on your needs.

You are ready to go!!!




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